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At-Risk Occupations from Asbestos - Job History & Prevalence
A History of Occupational Asbestos Use. Asbestos was seen as a valuable, useful product. It was added as a staple ingredient to countless manufactured products, including construction materials and automotive parts. Asbestos Use in the 1900s. Industrial asbestos use began well before the turn of the 20th century, but it wasn’t widely used ...
Learn About Asbestos-Related Occupations & Asbestos Exposure
Asbestos Occupations Common Occupations With Risk of Asbestos Exposure Occupations Exposed to Asbestos. There is a high risk for asbestos exposure for workers in these occupations: Aircraft Mechanics Since aircraft mechanics work in repair shops, hangars and on the flight line, they may be exposed to asbestos-containing materials.
Asbestos: What Is Asbestos and How Does It Cause Cancer
Asbestos is a natural mineral and carcinogen that causes mesothelioma. Learn about the products that use asbestos and occupations at risk.
Asbestos Exposure | Occupations, Products & the Common ...
Use or disturb asbestos-containing products Work in certain occupations, including the military Experience manmade or natural disasters Products. Thousands of products were manufactured by companies using asbestos fibers. Asbestos may be found in insulation, drywall, ceiling and floor tiles, cement, paint and more.
Occupations | Mesothelioma Explained
Contrary to what most people think, asbestos is in fact not banned in the U.S. Any attempts that were made to ban asbestos during these strong regulatory periods in the 1980’s was stopped in their tracks by the large companies and corporations that were profiting from the use asbestos. Most asbestos that is used today in the U.S. is imported.
Occupational Asbestos Exposure & Pleural Mesothelioma
Miners. One of the most hazardous occupations in terms of asbestos exposure was mining. While all miners historically struggled with low pay and hazardous working conditions, the high risk for pleural mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases made asbestos mining particularly dangerous.
Which Industries and Occupations Made Use of Asbestos?
Asbestos use was highly prevalent in over 75 industries during the last century. Most industries used asbestos in the past and have placed people at risk of asbestos exposure on the job. Occupational exposure to asbestos has been the primary cause of mesothelioma and other serious pulmonary diseases.
CertainTeed Corporation | Asbestos Use, Products ...
As a result of CertainTeed’s own asbestos use and their acquisitions of various asbestos companies, hundreds of thousands of workers around the country faced dangerous exposure to their products. The company didn’t stop using asbestos in their products until the mid-1980s.
Q&A - Top At-Risk Occupations for Asbestos Exposure
The threat of asbestos exposure in the workplace remains a serious concern today, despite a dramatic drop in the use of the toxic material in recent decades. The danger still exists in many occupations. No level of asbestos...
Asbestos High-Risk Occupations | Industries With ...
Asbestos High-Risk Occupations Although the use of asbestos has largely been phased out in the U.S., many individuals who were exposed to asbestos in the past several decades are only now showing the symptoms of asbestos-related diseases.
Asbestos Exposure at Work | High Risk Occupations & Trades
Because of the wide use of asbestos in the past, countless Americans are at risk of exposure. However, studies have shown that the most common cause of asbestos exposure still occurs in the workplace.
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