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Teleconference - Wikipedia
A teleconference or teleseminar is the live exchange and mass articulation of information among several persons and machines remote from one another but linked by a telecommunications system. Terms such as audio conferencing, telephone conferencing and phone conferencing are also sometimes used to refer to teleconferencing.
Teleconferencing | Definition of Teleconferencing by ...
Teleconferencing definition is - the holding of a conference among people remote from one another by means of telecommunication devices (such as telephones or computer terminals).
How Teleconferencing Works | HowStuffWorks
In this article, we'll look at different types of teleconferencing, from conference calls to online meetings. The simplest phone teleconference is a three-way call, available in many homes as a service from the telephone company.
Teleconference - definition of teleconference by The Free ...
Define teleconference. teleconference synonyms, teleconference pronunciation, teleconference translation, English dictionary definition of teleconference. n. ... An Audio-Teleconferencing System Does a Big Job for Baxter Travenol. Dictionary browser? ...
Advantages and Disadvantages of Teleconferencing | ezTalks
In general, there are many advantages and disadvantages of teleconferencing that can arise, depending on the specific context of those involved and it is not possible to highlight all of them. For the large part, however, the points covered here apply to most teleconferencing situations.
Teleconferencing - definition of teleconferencing by The ...
Define teleconferencing. teleconferencing synonyms, teleconferencing pronunciation, teleconferencing translation, English dictionary definition of teleconferencing. n. A conference held among people in different locations by means of a telecommunications network. intr.v. tel·e·con·fer·enced , ...
What is teleconference? - Definition from
A teleconference is a telephone meeting among two or more participants involving technology more sophisticated than a simple two-way phone connection. At its simplest, a teleconference can be an audio conference with one or both ends of the conference sharing a speaker phone.
Teleconferencing | Free Teleconference ...
Top Teleconferencing Features. Need an instant conference? Sign up for a free account and receive a dial-in number and access code for free and reliable teleconferencing services. Your free teleconferencing line can be used immediately and is available 24/7 — no reservations required.
Definition of teleconferencing |
Teleconferencing definition, the holding of teleconferences. See more.
Difference Between Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing ...
Teleconferencing. A teleconference is a telephone meeting held between two or more locations through a telecommunications system. Technical terms like telephone conferencing, phone conferencing and audio conferencing are sometimes also used to refer to teleconferencing.
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