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Overlord (2012) - Kingdoms / Characters - TV Tropes
The definition that Renner gives for her love for Climb on the other hand is pretty twisted, as she wishes to keep him in chains so that he doesn't leave her and wouldn't mind if Climb dies, simply because she knows someone that can resurrect him; the only reason she likes him is because he sees her as a kindhearted person and the sweet side she shows is just a facade that she maintains to not ...
Overlord (2012) (Light Novel) - TV Tropes
A second season aired starting January 2018 and a third in July 2018. A fourth season and a movie, collectively covering light novel volumes 10-14, began airing in July 2022. Its story begins on the last day of a once popular virtual reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game called YGGDRASIL. One of the game's dedicated guildmasters, a salaryman known as "Momonga", decides to ...
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