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New Jersey Lemon Laws | DMV.ORG
Under New Jersey's Lemon Law, the manufacturer must repair defects that are covered under the original warranty if they are identified and reported within a specified time period. In New Jersey, the lemon law applies to only new vehicles you've bought or leased.
NJ MVC | Lemon Law
Lemon Law. New Jersey’s Lemon Law protects consumers who purchase vehicles that develop repeat defects or lengthy unusable periods during the first two years or 24,000 miles. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs considers complaints and answers questions on this topic. Detailed information regarding the Lemon Law is available on that site, as well as complaint forms.
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Lemon Law - New Jersey Division ...
The New Jersey Lemon Law Unit was formed in 1989 to provide quick relief for consumers who purchase or lease a defective motor vehicle. This guidebook is divided into 2 sections: the New Car Lemon Law and the Used Car Lemon Law. Qualifications for the two laws are different so please read the information carefully and contact the Lemon Law Unit at 973-504-6226 with any questions you may have.
New Jersey Lemon Law 101 |
The New Jersey lemon law offers consumer protection to buyers of both used and new vehicles purchased, leased and registered in the state from manufacturers and licensed dealers. The Used Car Lemon Law (UCLL) specifically addresses the needs of owners of some classes of used vehicles for a short period of time after purchase.
NJ Lemon Laws - Requirements and Process - Lemon Law NJ
The New Jersey Lemon Law is a comprehensive statute that protects consumers against defective and unfix-able vehicles. The law was made to create a course of action for consumers who paid a large amount for a car that does not perform as expected. Many purchasers of vehicles do not realize the protections of the NJ Lemon Law and end up putting with defective cars and trucks.
New Jersey Lemon Law | Decades of Experience Makes the ...
The New Jersey Lemon Law applies to anyone who buys, leases or registers a new car or motorcycle in New Jersey. The term of protection is 24,000 miles or two (2) years from the original date of delivery, whichever comes first. The law also covers authorized emergency vehicles and motor homes, except for the living quarters of the motor home.
NJ Lemon Law Information and Free Help | 1 800 Lemon Law
What is the New Jersey Lemon Law? The New Jersey Lemon Law provides cost-free legal help to distressed drivers whose cars, personal trucks or motorcycles suffer a repetitive nonconformity, or are in the shop for an extended period of time within the first 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.
New Jersey Lemon Law for Used Cars | Nolo
The New Jersey Used Car Lemon Law requires a car dealer to correct a "material defect" of a covered item of the used car if the defect occurred during the warranty period. A material defect is defined as, "a malfunction of a used motor vehicle, subject to the warranty, which substantially impairs its use, value or safety."
Pages - Lemon Law Unit - New Jersey Division of Consumer ...
The New Jersey Lemon Law Unit assists consumers who are experiencing defects in their new car, used car or motoriz​ed wheelchair or scooter. The unit responds to thousands of requests for assistance each year. Lemon Law applications are reviewed by the unit to see if the consumer qualifies for a hearing.
New Jersey summary - Better Business Bureau
The New Jersey lemon law states that a manufacturer must pay the following amounts when it repurchases a leased vehicle under the lemon law: To the lessee: 1. A full refund of the amount actually ...
Lemon Laws by State | DMV.ORG
Use our state Lemon Law guides to find out how to keep good records, notify the manufacturer that the vehicle is flawed, file a Lemon Law complaint, and receive restitution. We'll tell you exactly what your state's laws say regarding what qualifies as a lemon, how long you have to file a claim, and what the burden of proof is.
Lemon Law Attorney
New Jersey’s Lemon Law protects consumers who have purchased or leased a new vehicle or a used vehicle from licensed dealers that develop problems that are covered under warranty. Call Today If you think that you might have purchased a Lemon, call David W. Polsky today to schedule a free phone consultation at (973) 686-9787.
NJ Lemon Law - NJ Used Lemon Law
The New Jersey Used Lemon Car Law Vehicles covered by the Lemon Law The law covers only used passenger motor vehicles purchased from a used car dealer and requires the used car dealer to provide the customer with a warranty. The length of the warranty depends on the used vehicle's mileage.
New Jersey Lemon Law Statutes
New Jersey Lemon Laws and the federal Lemon Law (the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) provide for compensation to New Jersey consumers of defective automobiles and trucks and other vehicles and products including motorcycles, RV’s, boats, computers and other consumer appliances and products. Auto Lemon Law Statutes State Lemon Law Summaries
NJ Lemon Law - Free New Jersey Lemon Law Help
The New Jersey Lemon Law is a powerful state law which permits the consumer of a defective car to obtain a full refund of the purchase price, or new car replacement should the manufacturer fail to repair a nonconformity (defect or condition which substantially impairs the use, value of safety) within a reasonable number of attempts as defined in the lemon law.
New Jersey Lemon Law Info - NJ Lemon Law Attorneys
New Jersey lemon law covers new passenger vehicles, combination vehicles, SUVs, trucks, business vehicles, RVs, and motorcycles that are purchased, leased, or registered in New Jersey. If you are not the original owner of the vehicle, but your vehicle meets all of the requirements, it is covered under New Jersey lemon law.

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