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Lemon Laws |
The Lemon Laws protect you if you buy a vehicle in Massachusetts that has serious defects. New Car Lemon Law The Lemon Law protects you if the new car you bought through a Massachusetts dealer has serious defects. Guide to New Car Lemon Law
New Car Lemon Law |
The Lemon Law protects you if the new car you bought through a Massachusetts dealer has serious defects. A vehicle is considered a lemon if it has a substantial defect that impairs your safety or your ability to drive it, or impacts its market value and the car has not been repaired after a reasonable number of attempts.
Massachusetts Lemon Laws | DMV.ORG
The Massachusetts Lemon Law is designed to protect buyers against purchasing new or used motor vehicles that have substantial defects and are unsafe to be driven on Massachusetts roads. The Lemon Law is administered by the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. The Massachusetts Lemon Law has three parts: New and leased vehicles. Used vehicles. Lemon-Aid. Each of these laws is discussed in detail below, as well as all the general information you need to know about ...
Used Car Lemon Law |
If so, you may be eligible for different types of recourse under the state lemon laws. Please note, the OCABR cannot assist you with Registry of Motor Vehicle Services. For RMV related services, please visit or call the RMV at (857) 368-8000.
Massachusetts Lemon Laws | Mass.Gov Blog
The New and Leased Car Lemon Law, Used Vehicle Warranty Law, and Lemon Aid Law all serve residents of Massachusetts who have been sold a “lemon” of an automobile. Massachusetts laws define a “lemon” as a new motor vehicle with substantial impairment to use, safety or market value, or a used vehicle with impairment to use or safety.
Purchasing a USED car? Here’s what the Lemon Law means for ...
When purchasing a USED car, the law covers used cars, vans, trucks, and demonstration vehicles not covered by the New Car Lemon Law, and which: Are sold by a Massachusetts dealer or private party Cost at least $700 (dealer sales only) Have fewer than 125,000 miles on the odometer when sold (dealer sales only)
Private Party Used Car Sales |
The Massachusetts Lemon Laws require private parties selling used cars to inform buyers about all known defects which impair the safety or substantially impair the use of the vehicle. The law applies to all private party sales regardless of the price or mileage. Private party sellers are not required to repair the vehicle after it has been sold.
Massachusetts Lemon Law Information and Free Legal ...
The MA Lemon Law applies to any new car, truck, or motorcycle purchased or leased for personal or family purposes from a new-car dealer in Massachusetts. The law protects consumers whose vehicles suffer a significant defect in the first 15,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first, and cannot be fixed despite three or more repair attempts.
Massachusetts Lemon Law Info - MA Lemon Law Attorneys
MA lemon law covers new passenger vehicles, SUVs, vans, trucks, and motorcycles that are purchased in Massachusetts, as well as used cars that are sold by dealers within one year or 15,000 miles of the original purchase (whichever comes first). In order to be considered a “lemon,” the vehicle must meet the following requirements:
MA Lemon Law Guide |
A car qualifies as a lemon under the state lemon law in Massachusetts if the consumer can demonstrate substantial impairment to the safety, market value or use of the car that is specifically a result of the car’s defect. The defect must devalue the vehicle at 10 percent of its market value.
Consumer Guide to the Massachusetts Lemon Law
New Car law and Used Car law are both applicable to dealerships only, while the Lemon Aid Law applies to both dealerships and private parties, and covers other factors. “Under the Lemon Aid law, a...
General Laws
General Laws are Session Laws or sections of Session Laws that are permanent in nature and of general application. General Laws are codified according to subject matter in a multi-volume publication entitled the General Laws of Massachusetts. The official version of the General Laws is now published every two years, with cumulative pamphlets released periodically.
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Massachusetts Lemon Law | Decades of Experience Makes the ...
Specifically, the Massachusetts lemon law states that it is presumed that the lemon law is satisfied if either of the following requirements is met: 1. The car was presented for repair on 3 or more occasions for the same nonconformity within one year or 15,000 miles from the date of original delivery of the car and the problem still exists; OR 2.
Massachusetts Lemon Aid Law is a law that helps protect ...
The Massachusetts Lemon Aid Law allows you to void or cancel a motor vehicle contract or sale if your vehicle fails to pass inspection within seven days from the date of sale AND if the estimated costs of repairs of emissions or safety related defects exceed 10% of the purchase price.
Massachusetts Lemon Laws | Mass.Gov Blog
Massachusetts Lemon Laws Posted on Mar 4. Purchasing a car is an exciting thing to do, but sometimes your new vehicle doesn’t work as expected or meet inspection standards. That’s why Massachusetts has a set of Lemon Laws to protect and reimburse consumers.

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